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Emojis may become part of some North American registrations

Emojis are vital parts of our digital interactions. The dolls we inserted amide in our messages arrived to conquer the world and, after the film and the merchandising, will also appear on the license plates of some North American vehicles. The lay permit allows it was introduced in the Vermont State House of Representatives.

Rebecca White, the Democrat responsible for presenting the document, stressed that the bill contemplates the introduction of an emoji per registration, with only six being considered. The images will appear simultaneously with the letters and numbers issued by the Commission for Motor Vehicles, which is responsible for preparing the identification of the vehicles.

If the legislation is passed, Vermont will become the first US state to allow the inclusion of emojis in enrollments, but it will not be the first place in the world to grant such authorization. In Queensland, Australia, the legal permit has been in place since 2019. Adding an emoji to a license plate costs 336 dollars.

The US state has not revealed why emojis will be made up of the group from which drivers will be able to choose their own, nor will they redraw the images or take advantage of already developed versions of them. In Australia, the authorities decided to redesign five of the most popular.