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Created by Brazilians from the Apple Developer Academy, Hercules app is a great option for bodybuilders

Those who practice weight training and love technology are very likely already tired of the paper sheets and the lack of flexibility of this traditional training monitoring system. It was with this in mind that a group of students from Apple Developer Academy, within PUCRS (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul), developed the application Hercules.

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They describe Hercules as ?the app that helps you achieve your goals fitness and transform the way you create and evolve within your training ?. With it, users can create completely personalized workouts according to their goals. The app also allows the monitoring of the execution of the exercises to make notes with the results obtained in each session. All of this data is saved and can be viewed in order to see the evolution over time, which helps to find possible problems and improve weaknesses in the training.

Of course, it is hard to create a card from scratch, adding each exercise as well as its series / repetitions and the weight of each one of them. I miss an easier / simpler way to add these exercises to the card, but I think we will only solve this problem with the help of artificial intelligence (be it ?scanning? a paper sheet already ready for the app to scan all information or even talking to Siri, including such exercises on your file). This, however, is still a typical reality

However, after your series is duly noted in the application, it is undoubtedly great to be able to count on this ?guide? and see all this history.

Hercules has some flaws in the interface like words that are still in the English language, but nothing that cannot be easily corrected by the developers in future versions of the application.

If you liked the idea and the app, you can also participate in an exclusive program for users who want to have direct communication with their creators and test new features before they are released. Very nice!