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Bug fixed: Apple Support app again allows booking in stores abroad

Almost exactly a month ago, we inform you that the application Apple Support his behavior had changed.

Whether it was a bug or something deliberate made by Apple, at that time it was difficult to know, but the fact is that when the language of the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch was set to Portuguese (Brazil) in the device settings, it was no longer possible to make an appointment at an Apple store in the United States or in any country other than Brazil. And there was no use trying to change the location in the app's settings, because Brazil was the only option that appeared.

Today, fortunately it has been updated and Apple has fixed this issue.

Apple Support app icon

Here are the release notes for version 2.3:

  • Added support for more than 20 new countries and regions;
  • Find solutions in your preferred language, regardless of location;
  • Support now available in Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian languages;
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Scheduling a schedule through the Apple Support app

Now, open the app and go on Change Location Account, it is possible to choose (for example) the USA even though it is in Brazil and with the language of the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch adjusted to the Portuguese or any other of your preference, that is, the application returned to work as before.

This is interesting for those who are planning a trip and already want to schedule a time in a store to be attended or even for those who are already traveling and want to receive support after all, with the bug it was not possible to even do this while in the USA (just modifying the device language for English was possible to access the list of stores).

Scheduling a schedule through the Apple Support app

Just choose the country in question, go to the ?Receive support? tab, touch the desired product, browse to the description of your problem and then choose the option ?Take to repair?. Doing this, you then type in the city (or use the iPhone's GPS, if you're already there) that you want to look for an Apple Authorized Service Center or Store, choose the one that suits you best and book the time.

Here is a tip for those with a scheduled trip and would like to leave everything duly marked. ?