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Apple would be working on tracking tags, high-end headphones, a new wireless charger and more

Source: iupdate (YouTube)Source: iupdate (YouTube)

Recently a rumor has emerged that Apple is planning to launch several products in the first half of this year. The information came from the research analyst, who is usually reliable, Ming-Chi Kuo, famous for predicting apple launches. The company would be developing Tag Trackers, high-end headphones, iPhone 4.7 ", updating the iPad Pro, updating the Macbook Pro and / or Macbook Air.

Apple plans to launch new products in the first half of 2020

According to Ming-Kuo, in a research note with TF International Securities, I predict that:

"Apple's main hardware products in the 1H20 (first half of 2020) include the 4.7-inch LCD iPhone, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro / Air, a smaller wireless charging mat, the UWB tag ( Ultra Wideband Tag) and the Bluetooth High-End headphone. "

Some products we have known for a while. the case of Apple Tag / AirTags that had its detailing at the end of last year, due to several software leaks, showing us a Bluetooth tracker that would also have an Ultra Broadband (UWB or Ultra Wide Band) used in the iPhone models more recent updates to make it easier to find lost items.

In the same way as above, the iPhone SE 2 has been receiving several rumors for months, which showed us that Apple had used the design of the iPhone 8, however with specifications of the iPhone 11. Ming-Kuo said that the new smartphone would cost $ 399 with debut before the end of March month.

In September 2017, Apple even announced, along with the iPhone X, a wireless charger, the AirPower. It appears that the company is planning to launch a smaller version of the charging device.

There is also a rumor that the "apple" is developing a new Bluetooth High-End headphone, according to Ming-Kuo. They say that the company has been working on this headset for years to have something of its own, as opposed to Beats headphones, which was bought by Apple. No further details are known about the project.

Finally, we still have the launch of the updated versions of the iPad Pro and Macbook Pro / Air, something less surprising than the information leak that occurred. The new iPad Pro, it seems, has a triple rear camera, like the iPhone 11 Pro, and a more current processor. As for notebooks, nothing was specified, but there will probably be an update of processors, with the tenth generation of CPUs from Intel.

Source: theverge, macrumors

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