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Apple starts selling new Beddit sleep monitor

This week we talked about a mysterious approval from Federal Communications Commission (FCC, ?Anatel americana?) that would release Apple for the production / sale of a sleep monitor along the lines of the one previously sold by Beddit, startup bought by Ma about a year and a half ago. In the article, we speculated whether such a document would indicate a new product from Apple itself and when it would arrive good, it is now among us, although not yet with the brand of Ma.

Beddit Sleep Monitor

The new sleep monitor Beddit 3.5 is already being sold at Apple's American online store for the same price as its previous version, $ 150. Apparently, Ma is adopting a similar strategy here as Beats continues to make the subsidiary's products relatively independent, with its own brand and website, and only a link to the company's ecosystem.

The update of the sleep monitor is not drastic: it is slightly smaller and lighter than the previous one, but remains with the same thickness (2mm) and the same features we are talking about a product that stays on your mattress and records aspects of your night as time and sleep efficiency, breathing, snoring, heart rate, temperature, humidity, movements and more.

Beddit app icon (for Model 3.5)

The data is available on the Beddit app for iPhone and iPad, with a history showing its trends and tips to improve your nights. it is worth noting that, before the acquisition of startup by Apple, the sleep platform was compatible and brought apps to Android; now, all mention of the robot's operating system has been removed from Ma's (now) subsidiary website.

Does the Cupertino giant have more ambitious plans for this sleep monitoring technology, or are they just going to stick with it? We will have to wait and see.

via 9to5Mac