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Apple released new iOS update with contact list and camera fixes

Since September 2019, Apple made iOS 13 available, guaranteeing at the time what it said was "a new look at a new level". Since then, the technological giant has been improving the operating system and version 13.3.1 is already available for iPhone users.

Interestingly, as seen by macrumors, the update showed a new icon for the Powerbeats headphones, giving indications that its fourth generation could be launched. From the picture, Powerbeats 4 keeps the cable, similar to the previous ones.

tek powerbeats

In the list of corrections there is a bug that allowed the addition of a contact on the iPhone without having to enter the code for the Screen Time feature and another that caused a "momentary delay" before editing a Deep Fusion photo, when captured with the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple also resolved a bug that could prevent push notifications from being delivered if the user was connected via Wi-Fi, as well as an issue that could allow FaceTime to use the rear ultra wide angle camera instead of the large camera On the official website you can check all the corrections made in the new version of iOS 13.

Since it was launched, the OS has undergone nine updates, and can be installed from the iPhone 6S, including the iPhone SE. In September, Apple explained that the bet was "important updates to the apps you use on a daily basis", new ways to protect your privacy and system-level improvements that make the iPhone faster.

As for numbers, less than a half of iPhones have already been upgraded to iOS 13. Compared to iOS 12, the new operating system has a similar membership level. However, the previous OS only took 23 days to reach that mark, while the current OS took 26 days.