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Apple iPhones partners record revenue growth

Although most people are inclined to think that sales of new iPhones are below expectations (after all, we commented on some Apple decisions that contribute to this), some information has emerged that points to the other side, raising more doubts about the expressiveness of the Ma in the smartphone market this holiday season.

This time, two of Apple's biggest suppliers, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and the Foxconn, reported a good month of sales entitled to records. In this sense, it is likely that the scenario of reduced production of the new iPhones has undergone a change in the last few weeks in part, this may have been caused by Ma's own advertising, who knows.

More specifically, Foxconn recorded revenue from $ 19.5 billion a record for the month of November. Thus, if we analyze the numbers from January to November, Foxconn grew by 16%.

With respect to the chip maker Apple, the revenue reached the figure of $ 3.2 billion, which represents a growth of 5.6% per year. Despite annual growth, unlike Foxconn, TSMC saw a drop in revenue growth compared to last October; even so, she claimed to have reached a ?solid level of sales and revenue?.

It is not exaggerated to say that this fact could represent a change in the consumption and sales of new devices, since most iPhones assembled by Foxconn and all Apple SoCs (such as the latest A12 Bionic and A12X Bionic) are manufactured by TSMC.

In that sense, Apple accounts for almost half of Foxconn's main revenue and about a fifth of TSMC's revenue. Therefore, if the drop in production rates prove to be true, Foxconn's revenue drop could be greater than that of the chip maker, as disclosed by Bloomberg.

As for Ma, she is expected to disclose her next fiscal results in January 2019, when all investors will be eyeing the giant to see if the current suspicions proceed or even though the company has stated that it will not disclose the numbers of devices sold, the raw data will give us an indication of the path.