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Apple hires in the areas of advertising and health, but loses security specialist

It?s been a while since we last brought the recent comings and goings at Apple. Recently, some important hires were made at the same time that an exit was lamented in the corridors of Apple Park. Let's take a look at them.


Apparently, Apple is looking to focus its advertising efforts (or part of them, at least) internally and decrease its dependence on the notorious agencies like TBWA, its longtime partner in the field. As reported by Campaign Live, Ma recently hired two creative duos from the British agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO (AMV) one of them, even, from Brazil-sil-sil-sil-sil!

Caio Giannella and Diogo de OliveiraCaio Giannella and Diogo de Oliveira

Our fellow citizens are Caio Giannella and Diego de Oliveira, duo that joined AMV in 2015 and was behind campaigns for companies like Virgin Atlantic, BT Sport and Bodyform. The other pair made up of Mike Crowe and Rob Messeter; they joined AMV in 2014 and created celebrated campaigns, like the movie "Never Alone" for Guinness (below).

The four will move from London to Cupertino very soon and will have different positions at Apple Park: Giannella and Oliveira will be associate creative directors, while Crowe and Messeter will take over as creative directors for the iPhone. Let's see what will come out of these brilliant minds over the next few years.

Jason Oberfest

Ma's other recent hiring comes from the health area: it is about Jason Oberfest, until then CEO of startup medication monitoring Mango Health.

Mango Health

How did you bring CNBC, Mango has already created a certain name in some sectors of the medical industry for an accessible technology that helps users to register the medications they take, offering alerts and rewards as the medication is administered correctly.

It is not yet clear what role the executive will play at Apple, but it is possible that he will arrive to share his know-how in the area of ??medicines and help, for example, to develop even more resources such as the Health Registry. It can also be very useful in a number of aspects of the Apple Watch, such as the newly released electrocardiogram (ECG).

Jon Callas

While some arrive, others leave. THE Reuters reported that the digital security specialist Jon Callas left Ma for the second time in the decade.

Jon Callas' profile on LinkedIn

The story of the tortuous professional: he was initially hired by Apple in 2011, staying there for two years until he left the company to found startups digital security. In 2016, he returned to Cupertino for another period leading security initiatives; in both periods, Callas was one of the people responsible for creating the T2 chip and one of the main names in Apple's dispute against the FBI in the (non) creation of a special system that would grant security agencies access to iOS.

Now, Callas is leaving Ma again to join American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), an institution dedicated to protecting the privacy of technology users, that is, in one way or another, he will continue fighting (at least in theory) on the same side as Apple. Sources indicate that the professional accepted a significantly lower salary in the new job.

We hope he doesn't so much missing like that.

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