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App Store spending expected to exceed $ 122 billion in 2019

If you follow the news about the numbers of the App Store, so you should know that Ma?s app store, as well as Google?s, grows exorbitantly every year. In 2018, for example, the App Store completed a decade of life, accumulating revenue of $ 130 billion.

Naturally, this market is expected to grow even more next year, but the question: how much? To answer that, the data and mobile intelligence company Annie app launched its forecasts for the global app economy in 2019 and the numbers are surprising.

Worldwide app spend

The firm predicted that spending (gross, without deducting the amount held by stores) on applications would exceed $ 122 billion next year. To give you an idea, if that forecast comes to fruition, that means a 5x faster growth in this market compared to the global economy, which was 3.1% this year.

Such growth is mainly driven by games and subscriptions within applications. More specifically, although games represent 75% of the app consumer base, subscriptions will be the most responsible for the high growth rate of this market.

Growth in gaming spending

As we said, games should continue to be one of the main pillars for the growth of this market. In this sense, ?casual? games (simpler) should grow even more in the next year; considering all platforms (PC / Mac, console, notebooks and smartphones), games should account for 60% of total revenue in 2019.

Spending on streaming services

The Annie App also predicted the biggest breakthrough in the gaming world in 2019: the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game is expected to exceed $ 100 million in revenue in the first 30 days of release, which is expected to occur sometime next year. .

From the same creator of Pokmon GO, the game of the magic saga should not exceed the 2016 AR hit, which accumulated $ 100 million in the first two weeks and became the fastest game to reach $ 1 billion.

Spending on streaming services

The firm analyzed that, next year, every hour, 10 minutes will be spent by users with content of entertainment on TV and on the Internet by device. In addition, the total time spent on streaming video per device is expected to increase 110% (between 2016 and 2019), while spending on these contents may reach 520% ??in the same period good news for Apple, which plans to enter this market.

Finally (and to the unhappiness of consumers), the firm suggested that more apps will become dependent on advertising. More specifically, more than 60% of the apps will be monetized through advertising, since the smartphone is the main product for this market in the digital environment.

Check the App Annie's predictions for the app market next year in full.

via TechCrunch