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AMD Launches Ryzen 4000 for Laptops at CES 2020

AMD Lana Ryzen 4000 for Laptops at CES 2020

With the success of the 7nm processors of Zen 2 architecture in the desktop computer market, AMD takes advantage and launches its new line of processors for laptops, the Ryzen 4000.

At the moment, the brand showed 7 different models, 2 of the H series and 5 of the U series. The H series is focused on performance, so we will probably see these models in Gamers and / or high performance laptops. The U series is already focused on energy efficiency, where the balance between performance and battery consumption is extremely important.

ASUS has already taken the first step in using the new processors in its laptops, bringing models from the ROG and TUF line equipped with new members of the AMD family. Lenovo did not stay behind either, and brought the new Ryzen 7 4800U in the YOGA Slim 7.

Ryzen 4000 U-SeriesRyzen 4000 U-Series

Above we can see the list of processors from AMD U series, note that the entire line can have its TDP configurable between 12W and 25W, where the manufacturer – like ASUS and Lenovo – chooses the configuration that pleases him the most.

And we must not forget the H series, which is part of a niche in the market that is still very relevant, as the performance helps to dictate what we will see in the efficient notebook market in a few years.

Ryzen 4000 H-SeriesRyzen 4000 H-Series

As they are models focused on performance, their maximum consumption rises to 45W, which already has a considerable impact on the longevity of the notebook battery that uses it.

In addition to consumption, the performance of the U and H series are also extremely important, so we will leave a small gallery with data that AMD itself showed on the CES 2020 stage. There is also an image that explains a little about the energy efficiency of the CPUs, and how they got to the level demonstrated.

We emphasize that data that the manufacturers themselves show about their products must always have that degree of suspicion, for more realistic data, expect reviewers to receive the products and bring more concrete data to you.

Even so, this launch sets yet another milestone for AMD, where the company is taking the lead in the processor market, and competitiveness ends up being quite large, which benefits all of us consumers.