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According to CAPCOM, Resident Evil: Resistance is not canonical

Source: Playstation Blog BrasilSource: Playstation Blog Brasil

Capcom recently announced that the Project Resistance game is the official Resident Evil canon, even though the remake of Resident Evil 3 has been included.

Resident Evil Resistance is a fun online experience with connections to the RE Universe

According to Resident Evil 3 Remake producer Peter Fabiano, during an interview with Official Playstation Magazine, events in 4v1 multiplayer mode make it "impossible to fit in the real timeline". According to Peter, Resident Evil Resistance as if it were a "fun online experience with connections to the RE Universe" as "enemies and familiar characters like Mastermind".

According to the producer, there is only a thematic link of characters that aims to escape and, because of this, the developer decided to join the two titles. Peter says that:

"You will remember that the Japanese subtitle for RE3 was Last Escape. Both titles have characters who are trying to escape from somewhere or something, so thematically it made sense."

Project Resistence was first presented during the Tokyo Game Show in September last year. The game consists of 4 players trying to escape from a house that is controlled by a big monster controlling the place.

According to Capcom, Resident Evil 3 Remake already has approximately 90% of its development completed and according to the developer, the game will not be postponed. Project Resistance and the remake will be released for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms on April 3.

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Source: IGN

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