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About the approval of Librem 5, the Purism Smartphone

Purism ended up getting all the money it needed to start producing the Smartphone Librem. The news came out a few days ago, but as i mentionedThis month, I participated in some events that ended up hindering Diolinux's regular content production (blog and channel), so I couldn't comment on the exact moment of the event. On the other hand, as the news is already "old", this allows me to comment a little more on the impact that the financial approval of the project and its development had on the Linux community and the world of technology.

How Librem impacts the market

I confess that I was surprised, not because I thought that a project like this would not get the necessary money, but I didn't think it would be so fast! It shows that people they are really interested in controlling their information more in the digital world. What very good.

More aware users are always welcome and tend to help improve the product for the future, including in other software that they use on a daily basis, charging developers to be more transparent, however, we have to be realistic, this Smartphone no for everyone and he (probably) will never compete with today's big manufacturers, but that isn?t a problem.

I don't see the data collection itself as the big problem, the biggest problem: Once you don't agree with this, what can you do?

It is one thing to be aware that your data is collected, to consent to it and to use a certain product / service, it is another thing that you do not agree and simply have nowhere to run.

In traditional computers this obstacle is overcome in a much simpler way through several alternative operating systems and software, such as Tails Linux, among others, but what about the world of Smartphones? It is still very complicated to use any alternative to Android and iOS if you don't like either.

exactly this gap that a project like Purism's Librem 5 can fit in and fit like a glove. Offering a fully functional Smartphone that meets these privacy requirements, if the user wishes. Allied to this, it can finally bring to life the dream of having common desktops in the Linux world, such as KDE Plasma and even GNOME Shell, on marketable touch-sensitive devices, where they come pre-installed.

There is no denying that it is a niche product and should remain so for a long time, if one day it ceases to be, but I repeat, this is not necessarily a problem.

If we observe, one of the reasons that would prevent the adoption of this Smartphone with a Plasma Mobile of life is undoubtedly the lack of certain Apps that exist for Android; this is what complicated the life of Ubuntu Phone and even Windows Phone, however, in this regard we have an interesting novelty, apparently the Purism developers are working on how to make the operating system that equips Librem support Android applications, this would facilitate the adoption process. They would run in the form of a container, which would continue to guarantee a certain level of privacy.

As I mentioned, the Purism Smartphone may not be perfect for everyone, and therefore it will not be the "number 1" choice for most people, but it is essential that we have this choice, with all the pros and cons that it can offer us, leaving the user with the power to choose how he wants to treat his data.

I have a certain curiosity to try it, but most likely I would not be the type of user who would use such a Smartphone on a daily basis, I would still prefer Android and iOS and the convenience they bring me, this may even change in future, but we are talking about the present.

But this is me, maybe it fits exactly with what you were looking for, what did you think of the project? Would you use this device as the only device?

Comment below and see you next time!

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