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99 celebrates 1 billions of races and Uber pins | Productivity

As 99 made a point of highlighting on Twitter, there were 53,269 runs towards the commercial tower that houses Uber's headquarters in Brazil. To complete the pin, the company put an all black path to circulate through the streets of the region, showing a provocative message.

"A super-hyperbaby thanks to everyone who saved 99 out of 53,269 trips to the competition's building," read the message on the vehicle's dashboard. The action was successful among users of social networks, who praised the "front" of 99.

It is worth clarifying, however, that Uber is not the only company based at the address. The commercial tower houses dozens of other companies, that is, not necessarily all the races were requested by employees of the transport app. In addition, the 1 billion race mark was surpassed by Uber five years ago, in 2015.