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3D Jungle is the online tool for transforming 2D drawings into three-dimensional models

3D printers continue to evolve and home models are becoming increasingly accessible and popular. Among replicas of dolls, to the typical key chains, it is certain that not all enthusiasts have the ability to create their own three-dimensional models. There are pages that add blueprints, that is, pre-designed model plans that are read by printers, but for those who really want to create their items without wasting time with vector images, there are interesting tools to help you.

the case of Selva 3D, an online tool that automatically converts 2D images into 3D models. Its use is very simple: just upload an image, press a button and the magic happens, it gains three-dimensional textures. Users only need to adjust the density of the textures and define the result they want. It is possible to manipulate the image and see all its details before completion.

tek jungle 3d

When you are satisfied with the result, the website offers two download options: a free one to be able to use the 3D images in the jobs you need. But there is also the possibility of obtaining the highest quality work and this is the way the team generates revenue.

Among medals, key rings, plaques, coins and other ideas, the website has a blog with several ideas and tutorials to get tips and inspiration for other jobs.