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With the second beta of iOS 12 released, let's go to another compilation of screenshots!

For some good years now, iOS is Apple's flagship operating system, so naturally it is the one that receives the most changes / news in these major updates.

We already publish here on MacMagazine two compiled from screenshots of iOS 12 (1, 2), in addition to one from macOS Mojave and another from watchOS 5. We still have more to show for these two, but we already have enough material for a third iOS 12 even more now, that it has already reached its second beta version.

Let's go? ?

AutoFill on Safari

The ability to fill in logins / passwords in Safari gained a more modern look:

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Marcelo Melo

Screen Time and Rest

New features now with welcome screens and texts translated into Portuguese:

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: @leopirana
IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: @leopirana

Within Screen Time, by the way, it is now possible to filter the statistics for each of the user's devices:

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: rik Manzato

Here, when someone asks you for more Usage Time for something:

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Diego Castilho

Face ID

When opening a protected app, for example, the text ?Scanning with Face ID? makes it clear what is happening at the moment:

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Marcelo Melo

Battery Charts

They gained a new look and became more intuitive:

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Luis Felipe Meira
IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Luis Felipe Meira

IPhone apps on iPad

Finally, Apple will no longer limit the window size of iPhone apps running on iPads with 4s resolution (3.5 ?); the tablet now uses the iPhone 6 (4.7 ?) base.

Importing RAW photos

As reported by the Digital Photography Review, Apple also paid special attention to RAW format images. Now the floating photo import window, the system identifies what has been imported before to avoid duplicates, there is a new full screen preview and more.

RAW on iPad with iOS 12


Now she suggests you call someone on your birthday:

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: @vinnnipi

Incidentally, speaking of notifications, interacting with them is very fast:

Translation into Portuguese is already underway:

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: @leopirana

Chip unlock screen

This screen gained a new look also in iOS 12:

Flash SMS

New look of those old and unbearable messages triggered by operators:

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Pedro Corra

AirPlay cone

It is now in strong blue when activated, giving more prominence:

IOS 12 beta screenshotImage: Marcelo Melo

location usage icon

It is now more rounded on the top bar:

· ? ·

Soon more, of course! ?