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Turn your Android Phone into a baby monitor day there are new ways to get even more out of your Android Phone. Application makers BabyPhone Deluxe, currently available for iPhone, announced this week that they will make the service also compatible with the Google platform.

Similar to the standard baby monitor, the Android Phone should also be left 2 to 3 meters away from the baby to be monitored. When the sounds go beyond the configured level, the device will automatically make a call to a programmed cell phone, allowing you to hear everything that is happening in the baby's room.

Some of the features that will be in the Android version:

  • Two-way communication: Allowing the baby to speak through the device's speaker.
  • Call function: Start a call from a configured number and listen to the baby's room.
  • Block Junk Call: Similar to the iPhone version, all unscheduled calls will be blocked. One way to avoid waking the baby up with unnecessary calls.

Below, the version of the iPhone application. Not yet available for Android.