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Three Apple commercials are among Adweek's best of the year

It was not enough to have collected several awards during the year (1, 2, 3), the commercial of HomePod entitled "Welcome Home" (something like Welcome Home) closed the year at second place from the annual list of Adweek of the ?25 Best Ads of 2018?.

This is not the first time that Adweek highlights the incredible publicity of Ma's smart speaker: in March, the magazine shared the making of that is, it was only a matter of time before the video appeared on the list of the best of the year of the publication.

A (probably valid) criticism of the most ambitious artistic pieces in the history of advertising is that they often have no real connection to the product and feel more like art for art. In the case of "Welcome Home", the absolutely incredible and unbelievable advertisement created by TBWA Media Media Lab and director Spike Jonze for Apple's HomePod. The voice device initiates a magical scenario where FKA creates a new expansive reality within the confines of his cramped New York apartment – a metaphor that anyone can appreciate as the quality of sound can have a liberating effect on the soul. one of the best ads of the year. one of the best ads of all time.

The 9th place on the list was also awarded Apple with the Christmas commercial ?Share Your Best?. Personally, the entire construction of the short film, from the location, to the music and the story itself is already worth the recognition!

Apple's Christmas commercials in recent years have been quite pleasant, but this year's launch was such an intense and story-rich job that it immediately won a special place in the temple of Apple's big ads throughout the brand's history. The musically enchanting animation tells the story of a young and creative woman who spends a year on something she is too nervous to unravel to the world – until her closest companion gave her a little push. With relatable morals, exquisitely created visuals that mix physical miniatures with computer animation and more secrets than probably any other advertisement in 2018, an ad that you will want to watch over and over again.

Finally, Apple occupied the 19th position in the ranking with the commercial ?Unlock With the Look?, which highlighted the features of Face ID on the iPhone X. Despite being on the list of the best commercials of the year, this commercial also raised concerns among older viewers.

Unquestionably, 2018 was an incredible year for Apple's creative marketing, as you will see more than once on this list. An exceptionally crafted piece that is often overlooked, however, the one made by the producer Furlined to publicize the iPhone X. With a breathless rhythm and effortless style, Unlock With the Look a visual party for a young woman who learns that her gaze can unlock the new iPhone and maybe everything else?

And you? Would you choose any other Apple commercial as one of the best of the year?

via 9to5Mac