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Snapdragon 865 chip beats A13 Bionic in initial performance tests

A few weeks ago, we talked about the initial announcement of the Snapdragon 865processor Qualcomm that equip most of the flagships 2020 in the Android world. Until then, there was no idea of ??how the new creation of the giant would behave in terms of performance, but now everything has changed several publications have already done initial tests with SoC (System-on-a-Chip), and the prospects are very positive.

The staff of AnandTechas usual, made the most in-depth analyzes you can read all the measurements and considerations made by them right here. Basically, however, it can be said that the Snapdragon 865 manages to be the fastest chip in the Android world in a series of metrics, despite being slightly below in some others; in the web browsing test PCMark, for example, he was left:

Performance tests of the Snapdragon 865

It is worth noting that the Snapdragon 865 has two modes: in the ?standard? behavior, it puts a brake on performance to optimize energy consumption, while the ?performance? mode releases the brake to present maximum speed in the tasks (so there are two measurements for the processor, one in each mode).

Regarding video editing, Qualcomm's new chip was slightly below existing devices:

Performance tests of the Snapdragon 865

O Android Authority, in turn, used the benchmark Antutu 8 to measure the performance of the processor and, guess what, it got a higher score than the A13 Bionic, Apple chip that equips the new iPhones.

Performance tests of the Snapdragon 865

THE PCWorldfinally resorted to Geekbench 5 to perform your measurements. Qualcomm's chip was not priced for the A13 Bionic in raw computing measurement, but it came very close to Ma's processor in the score single-core and, in fact, surpassed the Apple chip in the score multi-core.

Performance tests of the Snapdragon 865

It is worth noting that all the tests here were performed with a Qualcomm reference device, since the Snapdragon 865 is not yet commercially available the numbers, therefore, they should vary slightly in each device that the processor is included.

Still, we can already have an idea that the new chip will bring a hard price for Apple and make the smartphone competition even more interesting in 2020. Do you agree?