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Samsung may have cell phone with transparent cover soon

According to information from the last few days, Samsung's next smartphone with the ability to have its screen folded is called Galaxy Z Flip and, as accompanied in recent months, it will look similar to the Razr 2019.

Now, according to the website Let's Go Digital, the company may already be eyeing the design of a next line device, the Galaxy Z Flip 2, with details revealed in a patent registered by the company recently. According to the patent report, it may have part of its transparent cover, a different style and that you may find a little strange.

The flip phone that appears in the image above is the one described in the patent and may be the Galaxy Z Flip 2, the records may not be followed strictly or not be used at last, but they are at least a reference for companies, so it is possible that Samsung already thinking about a continuation for the line.

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This cell phone has a dual camera, a transparent part of its cover above the cameras to protect and be able to view the small display. This can also generate small savings, since the display that can be viewed is the main one, eliminating the need to create an external front.

In addition to the flip phone with a different design, Samsung has also registered other models, including another foldable phone with part of the transparent cover following the concept above. Also described are operations that can be carried out with the screen closed mainly using the S Pen, including calculations, multimedia content control and others. However, we will have to wait a long time to see exactly how this works, if this description goes ahead.

While we don't see these ideas applied, we can wait for Samsung's next launch, which takes place on February 11th including the Galaxy S20 line.

Source: LetsGoDigital. [TagsToTranslate] smartphone