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Rush Project: Adobe introduces new multiplatform video editor in the cloud and other news

We are on the eve of VidCon, one of the largest conferences dedicated to the world of online video in the world, and Adobe took the opportunity to present some very interesting news in its line of software including the preview of a new product that could be the salvation of videographers, YouTubers and home content creators.

Let's see what the giant is preparing.

Rush Project

Adobe solutions for post-production of video content need no introduction and are among the most used in the world in their respective functions. The magic trade, composed of Premiere Pro, After Effects and Auditionhowever, it has a problem: inaccessibility.

Only very advanced users, with powerful computers (and a wealthy pocket), can take advantage of all their power, and yet these products suffer from the inflexibility of the base on which they were built many years ago; there is no multiplatform support, deep integration with the cloud or nothing like that. here that enters the Rush Project.

Also presented as a preview, Rush (which, as it is still a project, can change its name until launch) is a new multiplatform video editor that combines the main strengths of Adobe?s three existing video products in a more accessible packaging, friendly and easy to use.

Adobe's Project Rush

And when I say ?multiplatform?, I mean seriously: the software will be present on macOS, Windows, iOS and Android basically in the same format, with the same tools and an interface adapted only to the different screen sizes your work always be synchronized in all environments and it is possible to pause a project on the iPhone and resume it on the Mac, for example.

In terms of tools, Rush naturally does not propose to replace Premiere Pro and company, focusing on adopting the main features of each software. It supports multiple layers of video and two layers of audio, offering a timeline that allows the user to make cuts and transitions, apply effects or titles and more. Rush also brings access to the Adobe Stock image and video database, for quick addition of ?generic? content in those gaps in your project.

We still have support here templates graphics created by After Effects, as well as presets created in the company's other programs. Smart color grading filters and options serve to give the videos a "professional" look without having to touch the most technical part of the thing.

In terms of audio adjustment, the new software has a Sensei machine, Adobe's machine learning neural network: the tool ?listens? to the sounds of the project to suggest automatic adjustments to audio equalization and mastering. At the resource Auto ducking, which was recently introduced in Premiere Pro and automatically adjusts the volume of background music in excerpts with lines in a video, is present.

One of Adobe's focuses here is simplicity and the appeal to online content creators, it's no surprise that Rush also has a much improved sharing screen. There, you can simply turn on or off all the services on which you want to publish your creation (and it supports everything, from YouTube only Stories Instagram), individually adjusting metadata as a title, tags, description and thumbnail. When you click / tap to finish everything (or schedule the finish, which is also possible), your masterpiece is automatically published on the chosen services.

Project Rush does not yet have a release date set, but Adobe said the software will reach users by the end of the year as part of the Creative Cloud suite or as a separate subscription, containing only it.

Nice, huh?

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom app icon: Edit Photos

You should remember that Adobe has for some time divided Lightroom, its mass image processing software, into two versions: Lightroom Classic would continue the lineage of the traditional program, while the Lightroom it would become a simplified, multiplatform cloud service.

Today, both products have gained new features.

Lightroom in the cloud now able to sync profiles and presets on different platforms, whether native or third party. Users also get support for the bulk copy and paste tool, to apply the adjustments of one image to several others with a single operation.

In the mobile versions of Lightroom CC, for iOS and Android, you can now create presets from scratch and share them with the other apps on the platform; the apps also bring the Healing Brush Photoshop and Lightroom for computers, which uses artificial intelligence to ?erase? unwanted elements in the image.

The Lightroom Classic, in turn, has minor changes, Adobe promises a major update to the software for the near future, but for now the users of the platform will have to settle for an update focused on speed and stability improvements, in addition to additions as new ways to access or organize presets and options for organizing folders by color.

The news in all versions of Lightroom are now available with a simple software update.

Adobe XD CC

The current youngest brother of Creative Cloud continues to grow, as expected from an infant. Adobe announced that the Adobe XD CC, its new platform for creating interface projects, is gaining a series of novelties to establish it as one of the leaders in the segment in which it operates.

The main one is the introduction of so-called Fixed Elements (Fixed Elements), which attach to a portion of the screen or position and allow the designer to position the other elements around, below or above it, facilitating the process of creating some interfaces and creating more realistic models.

In addition, we have support here overlays, a crop improved math calculations on properties, private email sharing and more.

Creative Cloud subscribers can now take advantage of Adobe XD CC news right away.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan app icon: PDF Scanner and OCR

Finally, the Adobe Scan The company's document scanning and OCR app is gaining a very useful feature. From now on, when scanning a business card, the application will be able to save the contact there automatically contained in the user's agenda.

In addition, Scan has also gained improved automatic adjustments to correct file scanning in low light settings. The application can be downloaded for free from the App Store and its use is also free, requiring only the creation of an account on the Adobe platform.

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