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Review Redragon Brahma Pro RGB | The brand new optical keyboard!

ABS Double-Shot KeycapsABS Double-Shot Keycaps.

Another thing I noticed about the keycaps that they have secondary function deeds in white ink, which looks more like a pen corrector. It is not the first time that we see this on a keyboard, and I have no problem including secondary functions on the keys, but do it in a way that is more subtle, as this ends up spoiling the keyboard a little.

And this is the external finish of the Brahma Pro RGB, it is simple but very complete, or at least what it seems to us. Let's follow the review to find out more about it.


Here where we see the novelty appear, we have new models coming from Outemu, a brand that helped to popularize mechanical keyboards in the national market and later ended up being quite criticized because of problems in relation to quality control.

We also know that after all the cases of problems that appeared around the switches, the brand made some reviews of them and improvements were made, but many still have fleas behind the ear in relation to the brand's products. Because optical switches need a completely new design, we believe that these may be the "salvation" of the Outemu name, just as Kailh has done in the past.

Switch Outemu Optical BlueSwitch Outemu Optical Blue.

In our model, we found switches in the Blue style, which have a bump and have the famous click noise that some love and others hate – I lost count of how many times they cursed me here in the xD office.

But a defect that was present in some models reappeared in the optical model of Outemu, which are problems of stabilization of the keycaps that ends up causing them to become crooked, something that had already been solved but that appears again in Brahma Pro RGB.

Pie KeycapsPie Keycaps

The brand has to focus on correcting its current problems before it wants to announce new products, after all what is the point of having an optical switch if the keycaps are all crooked and ends up ruining the entire keyboard presentation. How to say that your optical switches last X time, if there are persistent failures for more than a year without a solution yet? This all reminds me of Logitech, which in several cases insist on doing the same and is very criticized for that.

The fact that we have new switches on the market that do not present this problem is already a negative point for Outemu, and they have been manufacturers for years only makes it worse. I don't like to criticize products, but unfortunately the case is, and Redragon needs to charge for solutions, because its competitors are already knocking on the door, and if they wait any longer, they will come in and steal your place.

Switch Outemu Optical BlueSwitch Outemu Optical Blue

While I criticize crooked keycaps, I cannot complain about the switch during use, it behaves like a normal switch and there is no major inconsistency between the keys, but again, at the level of Kailh and Gateron switches, which currently are in the same price range as Brahma.

Internal Construction

To check the internal construction of this keyboard, a few steps are necessary, as it is not a super simple keyboard to disassemble as we were used to seeing in the last reviews.

First of all, we need to remove screws located at the bottom of the keyboard, there are only 10 screws in total and all are exposed, so don't worry about having to remove the rubber feet or anything like that. After that, take some plastic object to undo the fittings of the plastic part to be able to remove it.

After removing, remove all keycaps as there will be a few more screws under them, and after removing these screws you will have access to the internal parts of the keyboard. And then, after having done all these steps, I will begin to analyze the internal parts of the keyboard, remembering that at the end of this session there will be a photo gallery showing everything I have described.

I will start by talking about the macro keys, which I have already commented on turns out to be true, with the G1 to G5 keys being mechanical while the upper ones are made of membrane, even possible to remove the silicone. I emphasize that I see no problem with the decision of Redragon, just comment to show all aspects of the keyboard.

The multimedia buttons located just above the Numpad use Tactile Square switches, which appear to be of low quality and have no consistency between them, so much so that each one makes a totally different noise from the other. Another "problem" that I found in these buttons is the PCB design dedicated to them and the Volume Scroll, which has no support at the four ends, making it not entirely stable and thus making the lighting button very loose and bad to press. , needing to do enough outside to activate it.

But this ends up being the only real problem I could detect on the keyboard, aside from the lack of caprice in cleaning and organization, with the company using enough hot glue to fix some things in place, but that also does not change the durability of the components that received the treatment.

Because of the brand's Hotswap system, the switches are not soldered on the PCB, and so unless there is some grotesque design error, there are not many things to fail, and apparently there was no such error in the design.

But I also couldn't help noticing how much dirt was inside the keyboard, and not external dirt, but that it was already stored inside the keyboard, the exaggeration of hot glue used in the USB connector and the angle it comes from can cause problems further on, and if the cable fails, it will be boring to replace it.

But, again, there is no big problem that can cause problems in the normal use of the keyboard, with the exception of multimedia buttons, and so it ends up passing in the internal construction part, it is not the most neat thing I have ever seen.


The keyboard has RGB lighting separated by a key, you can configure the effects using the keyboard, like the vast majority of current mechanical models. Just use the FN + Insert / Home / Page Up / Delete / End / Page Down key, there are more than one effect per key, so you will have to search a bit to find the effect you want, or you can also configure it through the Software, but this I will cover in the next part of the article.

Keys for changing lighting effectsKeys for changing lighting effects.

And it's okay, but the news is that the lighting is very poor, so low that I have to shade the keyboard to be able to find out what are some effects or even to be able to see the lights on the keyboard, which is not ideal and ends up taking a little pleasure in using an RGB keyboard.

If it highlights an aspect that is important to you on your keyboard, I would like to inform you that Brahma Pro RGB not the best keyboard in this respect. The brightness of LEDs it is not the strongest, and the separation of the F-Row by a black plastic plate and without a white bottom plate to help better reflect the light, it ends up having very poor lighting.

Note that even in low light, it is difficult to see the lightingNote that even in low light, it is difficult to see the lighting.

In addition, there is no individual LED color setting per key, and all the effects available in the Software are available directly on the keyboard, making the only use being the configuration of macros, which is the real focus of this keyboard.


Brahma Pro RGB has Software, you can download it on this page on the Redragon website, look for the keyboard with the name of K568 Pro or for the photo that corresponds to the keyboard.

Now that we've downloaded and installed the Redragon program, let's see how it behaves and what options it offers, and I couldn't help noticing that the program layout is exactly the same as the Cougar Vantar MX, which I reviewed a few days ago days.


The conclusion of the review of this keyboard is a bit complicated to do, because at the same time that there are several good aspects, there are bad aspects that can make a slightly more demanding person stop wanting this model.

Strong points:

  • Optical switches;
  • Double-shot keycaps, character not wearing out;
  • RGB lighting, to your liking;
  • Keys dedicated to macros.


  • M stabilization of keycaps;
  • Very poor lighting, you can't see with external lighting;
  • Extremely simple software, lacking whimsy;
  • Multimedia keys can be a problem in a short time.

As you can see above, we have several points that end up making a tennis game with the keyboard, but what will end up causing your defeat will be the price compared to your competitors, who mostly do not bring any of their defects and it still has other benefits.

Some of them are: Cooler Master CK550, FallenGear Ace Tournament, Corsair K63 and Pichau P731. All of these keyboards are in the same price range and bring many benefits over the Brahma Pro RGB, benefits that I see polishing the experience of a mechanical keyboard so that the model in question ends up being left behind.

Redragon Brahma Pro RGBRedragon Brahma Pro RGB.

This does not make the Redragon Brahma Pro RGB, it is one of the cheapest models on the market when it comes to keyboards with several keys dedicated to macro, and it still has optical switches, and yet the other models stand out.

So, to end this review, I give the Brahma Pro RGB a No No, not because it presents major problems, but because of the lack of polishing of the functions and the price, which put it in an unfavorable position in front of its competitors.

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