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Review Logitech G PRO Headset | Playing with HyperX Cloud Alpha!

Coming in its new wave of products, we have the brand new Headset that adds another name in the series of brand peripherals with exactly the same name, showing that the brand is getting worse in terms of creativity. The good news is that the product brings interesting improvements compared to its predecessor, and it is these differences that we want to explore.

Our unit is the G PRO, the X version with a separate P2 cable for microphone and headphone, with no USB interface or anything like that, much less 7.1 channel simulation and microphone equalization by Blue, the microphone company in which Logitech recently acquired.

External Construction and Design

One of the main design changes that the company has been bringing to each launch of new products the most neutral aspect, without vibrant colors or aggressive cuts, and the G PRO inherited this new inheritance in its design, maintaining neutral colors – black, gray, silver – and no LEDs whatsoever, which we prefer here at Oficina da Net.

Logitech G PRO HeadsetLogitech G PRO Headset

The headband comes covered with PVC fabric that imitates leather, while underneath this layer of fabric we have a type of foam better known as "Memory Foam", a name that is attributed to its ability to return to its original shape even after hours of Pressure applied, the result is an extremely comfortable headband that does not disturb the scalp and does not even let you feel the action of the internal structure.

Very comfortable headbandVery comfortable headband

Just below the headband we have the two forks that connect it to the earcups, which to reduce the weight use aluminum in its construction. On the outside of the earcups we have a dark gray rubber material, while on the central part there is the Logitech G logo with chrome details on the bevels and brushed aluminum in the center.

Headset SideHeadset Side

In the inner part of the earcups there is a fabric with the letters L and R, which indicate right (R) and left (L), with the microphone being positioned in the left earcup. The fabric is almost transparent, so you can see part of the 50mm driver used on the phone, which according to the brand, is made using a type of exclusive hybrid mesh.

L for left and R for rightL for left and R for right

Both the microphone and the cable are removable, something simple but that makes life easier for many and should be standard on any headset. The microphone uses a flexible P2 input, coated with metallic material and with foam on the tip serving as Pop-filter, I only notice that this foam is not removable as in most headphones.

Headphone and microphone cable are removableHeadphone and microphone cable are removable

The cable uses a P3 connector at both ends to separate the audio from the microphone and the earcups, but luckily Logitech includes a 2-point P2 Splitter and so you can use it on your PC without any problems besides to lengthen the phone cord a little more, which is not very long. In addition, it has volume control and turns the microphone on / off in the middle of the cable.

Splitter for 2 P2 along the two P3 ends of the phoneSplitter for 2 P2 along the two P3 ends of the phone

Logitech also includes a P3 to USB-A adapter, which can help many who use USB HUBs to connect to the PC and do not have P2 / P3 ports just in front of them. Another important thing that I think better to highlight in this part of the review is its closed nature, which isolates the external sounds and also does not let what you are listening to leak. He does his job as a closed phone very well and nothing is heard from the phone.

P3 to USB-A adapter with DACP3 to USB-A adapter with DAC

Closing this first part of the review, so far we have nothing but the PVC material of the earpads and headband to criticize, but remember that we are talking about Logitech, so we guarantee something that is always very well attended by the brand.


Ah, comfort, one of the most important aspects in any headset and that many companies have left as something secondary. Who likes to feel pain in the ear after a few hours of headphones, right? It is a good thing that with the G PRO it does not.

The internal Memory Foam padding on both the earpads and the headband is quite generous, and because of that the comfort of the headset is really very good. I spend several hours using it without any problem, which is excellent.

Very comfortable phone even after several hours of useVery comfortable phone even after several hours of use

The headphone clamping is not too strong, there is no feeling that it is crushing your head, something that happens in many other headphones. I have a medium-sized head, and by adjusting the headband at the correct height, the phone fits well around the head, correctly sealing the sound that comes from outside.

Speaking of headband adjustments, it has 11 different height steps, in addition to earcups having a rotation of up to 45, which helps to position the phone in a more natural and comfortable way.

H 11 headband height adjustmentsH 11 headband height adjustments

About it being warm, well, there is no doubt about it after all it is closed and has PVC material earpads that do not let the skin perspire, for that it would be necessary fabric earpads, and this is something that I will indicate again to all brands gamers: USE FABRIC EARPADS, THEY LAST LONGER AND ARE MORE COMFORTABLE!

Earpads are made of PVC material that mimics leatherEarpads are made of PVC material that imitates leather

I tried to remove one of the earpads from the headset, but unfortunately they apparently stick to the headset, so I didn't remove it so as not to cause damage – not least because I have to return the headset to Logitech. Another point that my ears did not touch the drivers of the phone, but this will not necessarily be true for all of you.

The G PRO is undoubtedly a very comfortable headset, I have been using it for several weeks and so far I have no complaints in this regard, both the external PVC material and the internal Memory Foam have done a great job in this regard.


When I review Headphones / Headsets I always separate the focus on games and the focus on the quality of audio in ones, after all different audiences may have different interests. There are those who listen to more music than they play and vice versa, so I separate.


Let's start with the Headset's focus, which is gaming performance. We tested it in some games, with the most notable being Call of Duty and Counter Strike Global Offensive. In both positioning and listening to where the steps and shots come from, very important.

First of all I want to talk about Imaging, that what defines where the sounds come from and that if the phone performs well in this aspect we can easily define the direction of the sounds, while the Soundstage helps in the space dimension and in some circumstances complements the Imaging .

In the case of G PRO, the same thing that I will talk about in terms of music also fits here. While with the P3 or Splitter connector for 2 P2 the bass is quite exaggerated and ends up disturbing the identification of where the sounds come from, thus greatly reducing Imaging, with the USB tip the story is very different and its equalization is very good, solving the problem of the bass and clarifying the Imaging, making it difficult to identify the direction of people and objects is no problem at all.

Playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare with G PROPlaying Call Of Duty Modern Warfare with G PRO

In CSGO, this problem is not present and hearing the steps clearly is not difficult at all, it is difficult to say exactly where the steps are coming from, but it is a problem of the game in itself and not the G PRO.

In other games, like Far Cry New Dawn or GTA V, we had nothing but a great experience, after all its good sound and sound insulation bring great immersion to the game and you are hardly distracted by any other noise, be it a car passing on the street or the fan.

Music / Entertainment

Fortunately I had enough time with the Headset to test it in the most varied scenarios and thus form a very conclusive and realistic opinion about its performance on occasions that do not refer to where an enemy or something like that is coming from.

Personally, my musical taste has a lot of focus on Rap / Hip-hop, but I have a selection of songs that I always use to evaluate the headphones that pass through here, and happily it may be that the G PRO is not bad at all and does not start nobody's dust – but it also doesn't have the best performance among the models I've tested.

At the time of writing, the lowest price I find for him is R $ 486, which is not cheap and puts him face to face with heavy competition, such as HyperX Cloud Alpha, Corsair HS70 Wireless and Cooler Master MH752.

I haven't had the opportunity to listen to Corsair and Cooler Master headphones yet, Alpha has already been tested and you can read our review on this link.

The G PRO brings a good experience when listening to you, and a large part of this is combined with its great comfort. The amount of memory foam used in both the earpads and the headband has been very well placed, and that alone gives you an extra pleasure when you put it on your head to start using it.

Listening to some music with the HeadsetListening to some music with the Headset

When it comes to sound, the story can end up varying a lot. The bass is very pronounced, and on some occasions even too much and ends up causing minor distortions of the driver and thus breaking the environment and isolation of the same, which will notably reduce your experience. The "good" side is that this only happens when used with analogue inputs (P2 / P3), because when I turn on the USB extender the equalization of the drivers at Logitech goes into action and the phone gains another life, losing the exaggerated bass and bringing a more peaceful sound.

Fortunately, the good part of the story is repeated with the media, where it brings good transparency and presentation. In both male and female vocals there is a clear tone of voice and the bass ends up not getting in place, and this is even more exalted when used with the USB converter.

The G PRO takes on new life with the included USB DACThe G PRO takes on new life with the included USB DAC

And the story is repeated in all other aspects of the sound of the phone when compared to being used with the P3 or USB tip, and the phone benefits a lot from the standard equalization used by the brand, except that with the USB driver you gain the ability to equalize both the headset and the microphone directly on the Logitech G Hub, and I really don't see any more points to defend the headset's P3 tip.

Oh, by the way, the phone has 7.1 emulation neither in the USB driver nor in the software, and there is also no option to disable the function.


The microphone appears to be more of a common unit, with an articulated arm with an external metal coating and foam on the tip that serves to be a pop-filter, which is good and helps to have cleaner audio in general.

Even with the Noise Canceling option making no difference in my tests, the microphone proved to be very effective in supplying the external sounds, and the keyboard click (HyperX Alloy Elite Cherry MX Red) was almost inaudible, while the mouse click can not be heard, showing its effectiveness.

G PRO removable microphoneG PRO removable microphone

Regarding the voice alone, he certainly does not compete with professional studio microphones, but he leaves something to be desired. There is little background noise, the voice is very clear and very amplified. The body's tone of voice is lacking mainly at lower frequencies, but it still goes very well against the microphones of its competitors.


Yes, you can use the handset without having to install the Logitech G Hub, even if you connect it with the USB tip, so you don't have to worry about it and I'm one of the people who also prefer not to install any programs. But, as a review here, we will cover all aspects of the phone.

When we open the program, we have the common interface that we already know from Logitech, an image of the peripheral connected with the name at the top appears. To configure, just click on the image and the configuration panel appears.

Headset appears in the Software with its imageHeadset appears in the Software with its image

When entering the configuration of the G PRO, the first tab we have is the equalization tab, where we have several profiles of professional e-Sports players, such as Shox from G2 and Myth from TSM. There are also three equalization presets: standard, FPS and MOBA, just click on the one you want to instantly apply the configuration.

Equalization OptionsEqualization Options

Another interesting thing that Logitech has an Equalization Workshop, so you can click on "See More Presets" that the LGH takes you to the workshop, where you can search and download any equalizations that someone created and saved, including some that try to imitate the G PRO X, which is the most expensive version of this model here. If you want to have several audio presets, just select the ones you prefer and download.

There are several presets to downloadThere are several presets to download

Already the last tab is the Acoustic, where you find controls for the volume of the headphone (which controls the volume of Windows), the volume of the microphone and also an option called "Sidetone", which is nothing but the option "Listen to yourself" on Windows. There is still the option "Removal of Rudo", which in the tests did not show any difference.

Here there are volume controlsHere there are volume controls

And these are the options we have for the phone, nothing too much but there is also nothing to complain about, just having sound equalization options already a last point, and being able to control and download specific presets is a really cool idea.


Even starting with the right foot with me because of the difference in quality of the P2 / P3 cable, the G PRO ended up managing to maintain the expectations it had when it was announced, bringing not only a more elegant design to the products of the Gamer line from Logitech but also raising the quality of them, and so we get better products little by little.

Logitech G PRO HeadsetLogitech G PRO Headset

The phone becomes a very interesting alternative to HyperX Cloud Alpha when used with its USB interface, having a good representation in all sound frequencies, not distorting and bringing that bass that the great majority of the public likes, at the same time that it does not spoil the other frequencies.

In addition, we still have a removable cable, P3 / Dual P2 / USB tip, removable microphone, good structure and great comfort. The only place I see the G PRO sinning is on the earpads, which are not yet made of fabric but which for the price charged could very well be without any difficulty.

So, to conclude, I recommend the Logitech G PRO Headset, with the caveats being to use the USB DAC included due to the improvement in sound quality and its earpads are made of PVC that tends to peel in a short time. If you are looking for a headset with good sound, good sound insulation, versatility, which costs less than R $ 500 and is not super flashy, the G Pro is a good option.

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