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Our “Used Apple” table is now updated!

You may not know, but for many years we have been offering readers of MacMagazine A table "Used Apple" that serves as price reference for buying and selling Ma products.

How it works

Ns we update this table annually to reflect changes in the market. The last update was exactly a year ago, so it's time to review the figures again.

As we always do, some very old products were withdrawn from the list; others, new, were added. please note that no inclusions in the table models that are still marketed directly by Apple in this case, the company itself already indicates the basis of the price of the product.

It is worth remembering: all page values ??are estimatesThey are not absolute and, obviously, no one is obliged to follow them to the letter. Still, if you look for a number that is very different from the market, please contact us!

Where to buy and sell?

of course there are several options like Mercado Livre, OLX, etc. In none of them, however, will you find a niche as interesting as in the MM Frum.

In our area Classified, you can advertise your product for free or search for someone you want to buy within a trusted ecosystem, with people who consume / like Apple products and understand the subject. ?

If you want to give more visibility to your ad, you can pay a fee of R $ 50 to highlight it for a week which will undoubtedly make things much easier for you to sell your product.

Happy shopping / sales, guys!