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Noknox wants to take the place of conventional building / condo intercoms

Letters / telegrams gave way to emails; landlines have been replaced by cell phones; sending SMS has become a thing of the past. Why, then, are we still stuck with conventional intercoms in our buildings / condominiums? Is there anything better, something more modern?

There are, my friends, and he is called Noknox. Created by Brazilians Joaquim Venancio and Alexandre Landim, the app is the ?doorman in the palm of your hand? and is already full of legal resources in its first version.

Noknox app icon - Condominium App

With it you can authorize (or not) the entry of visitors, be notified when orders arrive and also exchange messages with your neighbors all in a simple and modern interface, with native apps for both iOS and Android. Like all internet communication, you can follow everything even when you are away from home.

The implementation and use of Noknox is free for both the condominium and the residents. His business model is based on a plan Premium yet to be launched, with some extra / special functions for the residents.

The condominium itself never has to pay anything; only a computer with internet access is required at the concierge, so that its web interface can be accessed and controlled by the doorman, administrator and / or liquidator.

I don't know about you, but I'm dying to see it working here in the building. ?