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New Apple Watches codes are found in the second beta of iOS 12

Whenever a new beta version of Apple's operating system paints, some more curious developers rush to dissect the codes in order to find any possible reference to new products or features not yet announced. And that is exactly what Guilherme Rambo did it again.

This time, when destroying iOS 12 beta 2, the developer found the following new identifiers for Apple Watch: Watch4,1, Watch4,2, Watch4,3 and Watch4,4. The numbers match perfectly with the existing Apple Watch Series 3 variants, which are Watch3,1, Watch3,2, Watch3,3 and Watch3,4.

Rambo also found references to model numbers corresponding to the new devices MTUD2, MTUK2, MTX92 and many others, as we can see below:

Apple Watch Series 4 models

If Apple maintains the tradition, the new Apple Watches (which have everything to be called ?Apple Watch Series 4?) should be presented at the September event, which also serves as the stage for the launch of the new iPhones. It is worth remembering that, this year, we will possibly see the first significant ?change? in the watch, which could win a 15% larger canvas due to the reduction of the frame that exists today.

Rumor about Apple Watch Series 4

Fortunately, the current bracelets have everything to continue working on the new model, since the fitting system and the physical size of the watch itself should not undergo significant changes.

The codes / models themselves don't say much about the future watch, but it's still interesting to see Apple getting ready for their arrival.

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 3

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