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IPhones / iPad Manager for macOS gains support for Safari data and Calendars

Although iCloud has made many people's lives easier to manage the data on their iPhones / iPads mainly between macOS and iOS, other users prefer to view, manage and save the information on these devices manually.

O iMazing a great file management and backup software for macOS that we have already mentioned a few times (1, 2); in addition to the Mac version, the program also has a Mini version for iPhones and iPads.

And what was already good, got better. This week, iMazing received an update that adds new features to the app, including compatibility with iOS 11.4 and iCloud Messages and also with iOS 12 beta. In addition, the software is now able to export data from Safari, Calendar and more.

Safari data

In the new version, iMazing allows the user to search and extract all information or data specific to Safari on the iPhone or iPad. In addition to the browsing history, the software makes it possible to extract the information from the favorites and the Reading List of the standard iOS browser.

Screenshot of iMazing 2.6

To access the specific options for each browser tab and extract the information, simply select Safari in the iMazing sidebar and select a date. It is possible to extract the data to CSV and HTML formats, if you want to export the information to another browser.


In addition, iMazing received Calendar support not only for iOS, but also for macOS. From an interface that resembles the standard format of Apple systems, it is possible to search and filter specific calendars for these devices.

Screenshot of iMazing 2.6

Like Safari data, you can export all Calendar information or select a specific period (in the top bar of iMazing). Data exported from the Calendar can be saved in ICS and CSV formats.

Ringtones for alarms and alerts

Another feature made available with iMazing 2.6 allows the user to transfer ringtones saved in macOS to him and then synchronize them with the iOS device. It is possible to send ringtones in M4A, M4R, MP3, ALAC (Apple lossless), FLAC, WAV and AIFF.

Screenshot of iMazing 2.6

To add the ringtones, simply drag the audio track to iMazing in the ?Ringtones? tab and release. Very practical!

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Other new features in this new version of iMazing include improvements in extracting CSV files designed to be easily imported into Outlook and Google Contacts and the option to resize lists within the program, to view more applications and information on the screen.

In addition, memory management on Mac and PC has been improved, and device backups should now take up twice as much space. For the PC, the company informs that the data should open faster and more efficiently.

IMazing 2.6 is available for macOS (10.8 and above) and Windows (7 or above), and speaks several languages ??including Brazilian Portuguese. An individual license from him costs $ 40, but there are good discounts on packages for two or even five licensed computers.