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iPhone helps save lives of tourists who were shipwrecked in Japan

Last week, we commented on the sad story of the young Russian fighter who died after her iPhone fell into the bathtub while it was plugged in, which also served as a warning to several owners of gadgets.

However, most of the stories we share are (fortunately) positive and show how technology can help in the most unexpected situations. In the most recent case, a group of tourists was saved (thanks to a prepared person and an iPhone) after the boat they were sinking in the open sea in Japan.

The ?life-saving? iPhone of American Rachel Neal, who was visiting an island off the coast of Okinawa with seven other friends. While returning to the coast, the boat capsized due to the turbulence of the sea and everyone was forced to jump off the boat.

To The Today Show, Neal explained that she always keeps an emergency bag nearby, which contained her iPhone and her boyfriend's. After they jumped into the sea, she quickly grabbed both devices; Her boyfriend's was already damaged by water and, even though hers was also wet, it worked.

One woman says that her iPhone saved her life when she and seven other vacationers in Japan were shipwrecked and lost in the middle of the ocean. @DylanDreyerNBC is in the Orange Room with more.

The tourist was then able to call the Japanese emergency service (points for her, for having the number!), And the coast guard rescued them about 90 minutes after the call. Neal did not specify which model the gadget that it was using, but considering the iPhone 7 was the first device from Ma to be rated with IP67, we can only assume that it was at least this model or a more recent one.

Because of this story, the host of Dylan Dreyer wrote an Apple letter thanking her for making a ?quality product?. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, commented the story on his Twitter page:

Remarkable story we are happy that all of you are safe.

It is worth mentioning, in the video released by The Today Show, the incredible scene recorded by the group as they were rescued from the high seas, where one of them was pulled by the rescuers to the aircraft. As Cook said, happy that everyone is fine.

via 9to5Mac