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iPhone 11 Pro Max faces competitors in audio test at a Parisian jazz club

Last October, we talked about the entry of DXOMARK in the audio field in the first laboratory tests, the iPhone 11 Pro Max it lost its direct predecessor (the XS Max) and the Huawei Mate 20 X in the recording and reproduction capabilities of sounds. Now, Ma's most expensive device is back for another test this time, more practical.

The DXOMARK people went to the famous jazz club Sunset Sunside, in Paris, to honor the Vincent Touchard Quintet group and, at the same time, make a practical test of audio capture (and video) with four of the main smartphones sold on the market today: the iPhone 11 Pro Max, O Samsung Galaxy S10 +, O OnePlus 7 Pro it's the Honor 20 Pro.

The scientists fixed the four smartphones to a device, positioning them at a sufficient distance to capture all the musicians on the stage. Each device then started recording video / audio in its default settings; DXOMARK staff combined all the captures in a single video, alternating the audio so that we can compare the nuances of the performance of each device.

Watch below with headphones, preferably and draw your own conclusions:

They did not rank the results presented here (not least because the "official" score of the devices is already on the website), but made some comments highlighting, especially, the performance of the iPhone and Galaxy. On the Ma device, the scientists praised the capture of timbre and higher frequencies; Samsung's smartphone, on the other hand, was praised for its good balance between frequencies and tonal balance.

Do you agree?

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