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Instagram tests preview of the feed with gestures in the style of Stories | Social networks

Instagram is testing a new design that brings Stories features to common platform posts. According to the specialized website WABetaInfo, the social network prepares a way of viewing the feed called Cards, based on gestures. Cards would replace the list of publications, with photos and videos displayed side by side, in a horizontal row that reveals more content by sliding your finger over the screen sideways.

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The new look is being developed for apps on Android and iPhone (iOS). However, there is still no forecast for launching the resource. Instagram did not comment on the news.

How to copy text from Instagram

How to copy text from Instagram

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The new design allegedly planned for Instagram appears to reflect changes implemented by Google and Apple in their mobile operating systems. Both iOS 11, from the iPhone X, and Android P adopted more gestures in the interaction. In this way, the social network can renew the application's interface to embark on the same trend, taking advantage of the popularity of Stories, whose usability is already based on gestures.

However, with the exception of the side slide, little of the Cards resemble posts that disappear in 24 hours. Prints and videos published by WABetaInfo show that publications must follow the same characteristics: captions, public comments, likes and the absence of stickers and other editing tools.

Instagram tests visuals on cards for the feed Foto: Reproduo / WABetaInfo

Instagram tests visuals on cards for the feed Foto: Reproduo / WABetaInfo

The poured material also exhibits a change in Direct. In the design that would be in internal tests, the button for Instagram private messages would be repositioned to the bottom bar of the app. On the other hand, the button to access the user's profile would take the upper portion.

It is important to note, however, that several of these changes may never reach the end user. Instagram and other technology companies often run multiple internal test batteries, and it is common for updates to the design to change or be abandoned altogether.

Instagram does not enter more: what to do? Ask questions in the TechTudo forum.