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Instagram now has shopping tags in Stories and will no longer let you know when you take a screenshot of them

O Instagram follows its path towards world domination (of social networks, at least). The Facebook photo network recently announced an addition that promises to further deepen its commercial side, while confirming the removal of a tool that was making many users pull their hair out.

Shall we take a look at everything?

Shopping in Stories

It's been a few months since Instagram introduced the ability to tag your photos and videos with commercial profiles. tags shopping which are visually similar to the branding of users, but take the page of the product being displayed. Now, the resource is deepening: the profiles will also be able to mark the media posted on their Stories.

New product tagging feature on Instagram Stories

In Instagram's indefectible stories (which have more than 300 million active users and can be considered a platform in itself, good to remember), the branding of products will appear on the screen as a small icon with a shopping bag; when touching the button, a window with the option ?more details? will be opened by touching it, the user is then taken to the product page.

For now, support for product marking on Stories it is limited to some brands, like Adidas and Louis Vuitton; gradually, the resource will be released to all the commercial profiles of the network.

Notice of screenshots in the stories? No more

User Stalkers from all over the world were really concerned when, a few months ago, Instagram started testing a new feature that would start to warn people when someone take a screenshot their stories.

Notification of

For months, the tool was floating in a kind of limbo in the network, eventually appearing (which, I guarantee, caused many misunderstandings) or manifesting itself through the dreaded warning that the next screen capture would be notified. Now, it has been effectively filed, as confirmed by the network BuzzFeed.

remember that the screenshot warning in Direct it remains firm and strong, as it should be; users also continue to be able to see who viewed their Stories, as it always has.

Usage control tool

We have already commented here about the upcoming usage control that Instagram should soon introduce more, one more in the sea of ??resources of the type that are appearing around, like the native of iOS. Now the TechCrunch brought some more information about the functionality.

Instagram's Usage Insights control tool

The tool, called Usage Insights (Usage Information), it will be relatively simple: make a chart with your time spent on Instagram by weekday and an option for the app to remind you when you reach a predetermined time on the day, which may be at least five minutes.

Instagram does not effectively block the use of the app when the time is up, as will iOS 12; instead, he simply warns you that you have reached your limit it is up to your self-control to touch the start button to get out of the network's appearance turbulence.

The tool still has no date to officially debut on Instagram, but it shouldn't be long before it appears.

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