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Instagram announces IGTV video platform and celebrates 1 billion users

If anyone still doubted that the Instagram is destined to become the largest social network in the world, surpassing even its stagnant father Facebook, perhaps this news is enough to convince the skeptic in question: ?Insta? announced today, in an online event held in San Francisco, that reached the impressive brand of 1 billion users monthly.

Graph showing 1 billion monthly Instagram usersInstagram growth chart | Image: TechCrunch

This number is even more impressive considering that the network grew 20% in less than a year: last September, there were 800 million users and at a time when most other networks, such as Facebook or Snapchat, are experiencing times of crisis due to lack of interest and due to the stagnation of the arrival of users, the growth of Instagram is seen as the open door to the top of the mountain.

Taking advantage of the moment, the photo network took the opportunity to announce its newest venture, called IGTV. It is a separate app that will be totally dedicated to videos not only the short videos shown on Instagram, but content that goes from 15 seconds to 1 hour in duration.

Instagram IGTV app icon

In a way, IGTV can be seen as a Facebook response to YouTube, but the new app takes a very different approach. First, it only supports vertical videos (much to Globo's dismay); in addition, when you open the app, the content is already automatically reproducing the idea of ??simulating a television experience, in which you simply turn on the device and consume the content that appears in front of you. Sections like "Following", "Popular" and "Keep Watching" will help the user to guide themselves in the world of films submitted by users.

The service works with the same Instagram accounts (that is, if you have a profile on the network, you do not need to create a new one to participate in IGTV) and even have your own section in the main app of the network it is located next to the cone of Direct and show the main videos of your friends, but guide users to download the IGTV app to get the full experience of the platform.

In its early stages of life, IGTV will operate without any advertising and does not offer monetization options to the larger and / or commercial profiles, this option, however, will start to be discussed soon between Instagram and the content creators, as confirmed by CEO Kevin Systrom.

Of course, all users will be able to upload their videos to the platform, but initially the profiles are verified or with a large number of followers they will be able to post content of up to 1 hour (with a maximum of 5.4GB); ?ordinary? accounts will be limited to 10 minutes (and 650MB) until further notice. The creations can be filmed in the app itself and sent directly or published from an external file, via smartphone or through the service website.

The IGTV app will be launched in the coming weeks and is now available for iOS and Android. Do you think it can work?

via TechCrunch