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How many days do you need to work to buy an iPhone XS in Brazil? [atualizado]

Nothing new that the iPhone is an expensive smartphone. This goes for both the United States (which is almost at one end of this measurement, where the iPhone XS starts at $ 1,000) and Brazil (which is at the other end, with an iPhone XS starting at $ 6,569.10 View).

But analyzing only the value of the device does not tell this whole story. Obviously, if we are talking about a single purchase (if you are a tourist, are visiting a certain country and decide to buy an iPhone), it is clear that the only thing that matters is the price of the product itself. The most complete and complex scenario involves understanding the purchasing power of a local worker in order to have an overview of the cost of the device.

This is what the analysis department of Picodi, a company focused on coupons, decided to do it. How long does a worker from Brazil and other countries need to work to be able to buy the latest Apple device? According to them, the results are based on the official prices of the 64GB iPhone XS and take into account the official * average salary * statistics for each of the 64 countries listed (in the year 2017 or the last available period for analysis).

Let's get to the result?

index - iPhone 2018

No, the Brazil it was not in first place but we are not well in the ranking With an average gross salary of R $ 1,268 (R $ 1,166 net) R $ 2,293 gross (R $ 2,073 net), according to IBGE statistics, the Brazilian needs to work 118.3 days 66.5 days (just over two months) to be able to buy a 64GB iPhone XS. This, of course, forgetting any other expenses that a person needs to have to survive during that period. Those who live in the Philippines, however, are the ones who need to work harder to be able to buy an XS: 156.6 days.

As we noted above, many can imagine that the US would be there at the other end. But not quite like this: those who manage to work less and buy an iPhone XS are the sweats, with an average of only 5.1 days to purchase Ma's newest smartphone. Top 5 basically composed of european countries the only ?intruder? on this list is the united arab emirates, where i need to work 7.6 days to be able to acquire an iPhone XS; the USA comes in sixth place, with an average of 8.4 days.

This other observation made by Flvio Augusto (founder of WiseUp, and Gerao de Valor, and owner of the soccer team Orlando City) also shows a little of the Brazilian reality, when comparing the salary of McDonald?s workers in the USA and Brazil:

How to change this scenario? Choosing our representatives well, charging more and more and participating in the decisions that affect our country.

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Update 10/16/2019 s 13:10

We changed the text above based on an errata made by Picodi. In the first version of the report, the number of working days required to purchase an XS was calculated based on the average per capita household income, which resulted in the wrong number of days (118.3).

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