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Google demonstrates the future features of Android 2.0 "Donut" at the Google I / O conference

Among the novelties demonstrated at the Google I / O conference are Android Search (known internally as ?Donut Universal search?), which allows you to do searches both online and locally on the device, such as contacts, calendars, music, applications (with support) and text -to-speech API, a technology that offers developers the possibility of integrating Google's voice search system into their applications.

Another novelty also demonstrated is the possibility of doing research based on the recognition of letters. As shown by Google (below), it will be possible to write a letter on the screen and the system will automatically take the user to the specific point, for example, from a list of songs.

The standard Google Android interface is unlikely to undergo major changes, but there is a possibility that the manufacturers themselves will develop customized interfaces, very similar to the TouchFlo 3D interface present on HTC devices.