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Former Apple executives create company to challenge chips from Intel and AMD

A trio of former Apple executives John Bruno, Manu Gulati and Gerard Williams III has just announced the formation of a new company called CLOUD, which comes to challenge chips made by Intel and AMD.

Gerard Williams III, as we reported last April, left Apple after nine years at the company. He served as senior director of platform architecture and led the creation of all Ma processors from the A7 to the A12X, which equips the latest Pro iPads. LinkedIn profile.

The focus of NUVIA, at least initially, will be chips (codenamed "Phoenix") intended for data centers. That is, she will fight with Intel and AMD, yes, but in a niche of their performance.

For this start of work, NUVIA managed to raise an investment of US $ 53 million. With this, the trio hopes to end this year with about 100 employees, many of them also came from Google, including.

via Reuters