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Facebook: new resource helps in suggesting gift for secret friend | Social networks

This Tuesday (4), Facebook launched a new resource capable of sharing with friends the collection of links saved on the social network. The novelty will reach all users next week and will be able to facilitate the choice and purchase of gifts among loved ones, according to the statement made by the service on the official blog.

With the update, the Collection pages gain a new button "Invite", with which it is possible to call the platform contacts to view or even complement the list. The application tool for Android phones and iPhone (iOS) can be accessed when the user prefers, without restriction of use.

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Novelty an improvement of the function Novelty an improvement of the function

Novelty an improvement of the "Coleo" function Photo: Melissa Cruz / TechTudo

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In fact, the feature announced an improvement to the "Collection" function, which has existed for over a year on the social network, "as a way to help you save, organize and easily find posts from a friend or page you follow, an ad , a display video or a Marketplace listing, "explains Facebook. From now on, all this content can be viewed by the people invited, who are also authorized to include their own suggestions on the page.

Among the suggestions of use for the tool given by the service is the creation of collective gift lists. This can be very useful for playing a secret friend or hidden friend, common in the end of the year festivities. In addition, the platform also recommends suggested recipes that will be made during the festivities.

Function of Function of

"Coleo" function with the "Invite" button Photo: Divulgao / Facebook

However, the resource is not limited to the year-end celebrations. "The possibilities extend beyond the holiday season and the feature can help friends plan summer holidays, share wedding registration ideas, furnish a new apartment and more," suggests the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg.

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