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Emulsio is an app that beautifully stabilizes videos made on iPhone or iPad, even in 4K

The excellent quality of the camera that equips iPhones mainly the newer models, of course makes it the most used device for taking pictures and making videos in the world. Still, when it comes to professional results, there are some situations in which gadgets they need an external help.

The app Emulsio it is a tool that provides this help when editing a video made by iPhone or iPad that has not been well stabilized the famous ?shake?. The software promises to automatically remove the natural shakes from the video like those that arise when walking while filming and allows "to make cinematic movements just like professional video editors".

Emulsio app icon ?Video Stabilizer

In the third version of the application, launched this week, the developer Creaceed added support for video editing in 4K resolution, better handling of shutter distortion, and support for cameras / sensors from other devices (such as drones and the popular GoPro). Also in this version, the app received a treatment on the interface and now includes native iOS sharing tools.

Working at Emulsio is relatively easy. The application has some buttons with specific functions and also has a real-time view of the changes made. It is possible to choose the stabilization force according to the movement level of the original footage and to compensate for this balance in the horizontal, vertical or rotational direction.

The software is a great alternative for those who like to shoot and do not have a physical camera or smartphone stabilizer, certain models of these can cost small fortunes. In addition, it is a quick option for those times when you need a practical and efficient solution.

Here's a little of what he's capable of:

Emulsio is available for free on the App Store. To process 4K video and manipulate the distortion of the rolling shutter, it is necessary to make the internal purchase of the Pro Pack 2, which costs R $ 25. In addition, it removes the watermark from videos rendered in the app.