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Egypt wants Apple measures against expensive iPhones in the country

An emerging country with a thriving culture faces, among many others, a very specific problem: the rampant price of iPhones in its territory. Going to a nearby country, inhabitants of that territory can buy Apple smartphones for significantly lower prices, which damages the national economy.

I'm talking, of course, about Egypt did you think of somewhere else? , where a 512GB iPhone XS Max costs the equivalent of $ 2,000 (R $ 7,835, if you are curious). Just for comparison, nearby, in the United Arab Emirates, the same model comes out for the equivalent of US $ 1,300 (~ R $ 5,100).

If there is any encouragement for the unfortunate Egyptians looking to buy iPhones and not being able to, know that the local government is aware of the problems and focusing on Apple itself as their source. As reported by Bloomberg, the Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA) is accusing Ma of imposing unfair restrictions on local distributors, which, according to them, would be the cause of the inflated prices of the devices in the country.

The agency carried out an investigation over two years and claims that manufacturers have the right to specify sales areas, but they cannot, as Apple has allegedly banned local sellers from buying devices from other distributors. This would be at odds with the country's free competition laws and would prevent consumers from "choosing the best option available", as stated by ECA director Amir Nabil.

The Egyptian government issued an official decree requiring Apple to remove distribution restrictions within 60 days; otherwise, the responsible bodies will take the necessary legal measures against the company and the possible consequences of these measures, however, have not been specified.

In the Egyptian smartphone market, Apple is the third largest player, Samsung is the leader with ease and Huawei comes in second place next to Ma. Certainly Tim Cook and his gang do not want to lose a market of almost 100 million inhabitants, so it will be interesting to see what is the company's response to all this.

via Cult of Mac