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Dell laptops will be able to sync and mirror iPhone screens natively

Syncing iPhones with PCs has always been an inglorious task. First, because no living being on this planet wants to have the hellish experience of opening the iTunes on a computer running Windows, and second because, well, there's not much to do once you complete the first part of the process, iTunes, after all, is notoriously bad and not very intuitive for managing files and data.

Fortunately, some manufacturers are beginning to pay attention to this problem. THE Dell announced today that we will soon update the Mobile Connect, its mobile device synchronization tool, so that it becomes much more friendly with iPhones, the software is already capable of working with Ma's smartphones, but in a very superficial way.

The main novelty of the future update of Mobile Connect is the ability to mirror the screen from iPhones (and iPads and iPods touch, too) on Dell laptops, which can be done by simply connecting the devices to the computers using a Lightning to USB cable.

Not only that, however: with the future update, users will be able to receive notifications from the iPhone and respond to text messages directly from the computer, as well as synchronizing files and photos in a much more intuitive way, for example, simply dragging photos from the iPhone window to any folder on your computer.

Dell did not say whether the new features were developed in partnership with Apple or whether the company created the tools on its own, using existing APIs and tools. The fact that smartphone users Android they have been able to enjoy similar features for over a year, and now iPhone owners will also have access to the same features as well.

The update for Dell Mobile Connect will arrive in the second quarter of this year, and will be available for all Dell laptops in the lines XPS, Inspiron, Vostro and G-Series, in addition to Alienware, running Windows 10; you will need to download the Windows app from the Microsoft Store and its iOS counterpart, available for free on the App Store.

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via Bloomberg