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Concept shows how 3D Touch could be better represented on iOS

O 3D Touch a feature that was introduced with the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus and that complements the gestures already existing on iOS. Through technology Force Touch that exists since the first generation of Apple Watch, when the user applies different levels of pressure on the screen, this can activate 3D Touch and expand menus, messages, emails, etc.

Although the feature was implemented four years ago, many users do not know about it and several others may not know how to use 3D Touch. In fact, the feature is there, but nothing indicates when it can be used and which apps are specifically supported by the technology.

As with the current version of iOS, the user should try to press harder on an app, for example, to find out if 3D Touch can be used with that software. In addition, the brain of each one has the task of memorizing which apps and system functions like the Control Center can be expanded / viewed with the feature.

Thinking about this issue, the interface designer and engineer Eliz Kilic developed a concept that shows how 3D Touch could be better represented on iOS. In this way, users would have visual information that indicates which apps, functions and content support this technology.

The solution proposed by Kilic is intuitive and, in my opinion, matches the style of iOS in general. According to the engineer, in the same way as with the links on the web, Apple could implement a visual feature that distinguishes what is supported by 3D Touch and what is not.


Baptized by Kilic de Outside Decorators (Force Decorators), this visual indicator consists of a curved line that could appear at the bottom right of everything that supports 3D Touch on iOS. The solution is very simple and elegant; the only difficulty would be to get users to understand what the symbol would mean in the first place.

Nevertheless, an idea that, if applied, would allow countless users to work more quickly on their devices and discover functions more easily. So, let's hope that some Apple interface engineer / designer will pay attention to this concept.

via Daring Fireball