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Chirp promises to be the best Twitter client for the Apple Watch

After the Twitter decided to withdraw support for the Apple Watch, many users had to choose other software to view their timeline by Ma's smartwatch. However, many Twitter customers, despite being great, are paid.

In this scenario, developer Will Bishop launched the Chirp, a free Twitter app made specifically for the Apple Watch.

Chirp app on Apple Watches

In addition to timeline in an infinite scroll, the app allows the user to enjoy, retweet and even publish and reply tweets directly from the wrist.

Other Chirp functions include searching for tweets and people, view their messages and likes, search hashtags and to follow the topics that are in trend. According to the developer, the app will soon also have the option of viewing and sending messages.

Chirp is available for free on the App Store, but it is possible to upgrade to Chirp Pro with a single payment that is stipulated by the user himself. That is, you can define how much you want to pay to release all the functions of the app.

In addition to this payment option, Bishop who also developed the Nano app for Reddit included in the version Pro do Chirp is a ?donation jar?, ??through which users can send any amount so that the app continues to be developed with the best possible quality. Interesting business model.

Chirp for Twitter app icon

via 9to5Mac