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Cardiologist sues Apple over Watch technology

One of the capabilities of the Apple Watch (mainly from Series 4, with the ECG feature) to detect atrial fibrillation (atrial fibrillation, or Afib), a subtype of cardiac arrhythmia characterized by an irregular heartbeat rhythm. In fact, this is one of the functions of the Ma watch that contributes the most to the health of users, as we have reported several times.

Despite being an extremely positive function, Apple may have infringed some patents to implement it and now it is being sued for it, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

According to the publication, the cardiologist Joseph Wiesel, from New York University, filed a lawsuit against Ma alleging that this technology (allegedly) violates a 2006 patent (registered with the USPTO) to detect irregular heartbeat.

Wiesel reportedly notified Ma of his patent on September 20, 2017, following the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3. According to the doctor, the Cupertino giant refused to negotiate a ?good faith? even after the Health provided the company with detailed patent claim documents.

More precisely, the process only mentions the Apple Watch, since the patent describes the need for some type of microprocessor that keeps track of time and interprets the readings of the photoplethysmographic sensors in short, basically what the watch does.

According to the BloombergAlthough Wiesel has a long career in health, he apparently was not part of any team that developed any hardware or software to commercialize the technology in question, that is, he did not implement it in any product.

However, as the physician is the current holder of the patent, he is within his right to demand repair of the infraction. In this sense, Wiesel requests Ma to pay royalties and attorney fees. He also affirms that the infraction "voluntary, intentional and deliberate", which increases the possible damages to be paid by the company.

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