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Blackmagic eGPUs get update to work with Pro Display XDR

In the past few weeks, in the midst of an odyssey to discover all Apple products compatible with the Pro XDR Display, one thing quickly became clear: any Mac with a Thunderbolt 3 port can connect to Apple?s new professional monitor, but some need extra help more precisely, a eGPU gives Blackmagic to help deliver all those pixels.

Now Blackmagic has released a software update (version 1.2) for its two accessories compatible with Macs, the eGPU and the eGPU Pro. The update has precisely this function: to make the external cards compatible with the Pro Display XDR.

Some Mac owners who are not officially compatible with the Pro Display XDR have already reported success when connecting their computers to a Blackmagic eGPU and monitor before the update; still, the update is naturally recommended, since it certainly brings adjustments to this compatibility and, therefore, stability improvements in the connection between the Mac, the eGPU and the Pro Display XDR.

Update 1.2 of Blackmagic eGPU can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer's website, in the area ?Latest Downloads?.

via MacRumors