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Beta of iOS 12 brings another clue of the return (?) Of AirPort Express

If you thought the saga of the line AirPort it was over for good when Apple announced, almost two months ago, his death, they can take the little horse out of the rain variation or something, or Ma t taking one out with our face.

I say this because, as the AppleInsider, a mysterious cone of AirPort Express emerged once again in the Home app (Home) as a device compatible with AirPlay 2 this time, in the last beta of iOS 12. If you remember, something similar had already happened in the first test version of iOS 11.4, but the icon had disappeared in his later betas. Is there love in that angel?

AirPort Express update on App Home, iOS 12 betaImage: AppleInsider

It is good to note that there is a difference between the two cases: in iOS 11.4, only the AirPort Express icon appeared in the application, but it was not possible to connect the router to AirPlay 2. Now, the different thing: Casa shows an alert saying that there is an update available for the app for AirPort Express; when trying to apply the update, however, nothing happens.

Nobody knows how to explain what that means. at first glance, it makes no sense for Apple to actively build support from scratch for a device that is already discontinued; on the other hand, it makes perfect sense to use AirPort Express as a wireless bridge for, for example, wired speakers even thinking about router owners who have already switched the device for a more modern solution and want to reuse it in another way .

We will have to wait to see what comes out of this novel