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Apple's own modems for iPhones could be ready in 2021

In recent years, Apple has increasingly designed its own chips for its gadgets and the next one to enter that list should be the modem that equips both iPhones and iPads. A month ago, we said that Apple would be hiring several chip engineers in San Diego, Qualcomm's land, but now we have more information about their plans.

According to The Information, Apple's own modem project is advancing but the current forecast is that it will be ready to actually equip devices in three years' time. 2021.

It is still hiring engineers specialized in the area, not least because it obviously only adopts its own parts when they really surpass the qualities of what is already available on the market. By designing its own components, Apple not only guarantees full control over its projects as it reduces costs and can better integrate them with the rest of the hardware, as well as the operating system in general.

The deadline for completing this project in the long run. The modem is one of the most important parts of a smartphone and, for Apple to turn that key, it has to be confident of its creation. And obviously, as we are talking about something for 2021, most likely the whole project is already being developed with 5G technology keep in mind though that this should probably reach iPhones by 2020.

We talk a lot about modems equipping iPhones and iPads, but nothing prevents them from ending up on Macs in the future, too. Many people today would love to be able to include a cellular connectivity plan on a MacBook; imagine when the 5G is already among us, with everything you expect in terms of speed and low latency

And it doesn't take any genius to conclude that the homogeneous fight that Apple is having with Qualcomm in the courts must have been a strong stimulus for this project to have been prioritized there in Cupertino. As Intel does not seem to be doing much of the job, you see.

via 9to5Mac