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Apple Watch detects user's heart problem in Malaysia

Apple Watch detects user's heart problem in Malaysia

Reports indicate that Apple leads the smartwatch market, with a significant share of 47.9%, followed by Samsung with its 13.4%. However, we know that the company's smart watches have a much higher value than their competitors.

On the other hand, those who bet on these devices, receive a technology that can literally save their lives. The most recent case happened to Farhat Haniff, a 30-year-old Malaysian restorer and freelance architect from Kuala Lumpur.

After purchasing the Apple Watch Series 4 due to its elegant design, the watch began to warn of an abnormal heart rate. In August of last year, arriving from a flight in Langkawi, the smartwatch issued an alert about heart rate, but Farhat thought it was due to work stress.

Farhat Haniff

However, the watch continued to issue alerts even when Farhat I was at home resting and watching TV. When the notifications became persistent, he decided to format his Apple Watch, but that did not end the "problem". It is worth remembering that the Apple's smartwatch always alerts when the heart rate exceeds 120 bpm when the user is not exercising.

Shortly thereafter, Farhat went to the doctor and, after some electrocardiogram tests, it was discovered that he has an irregular heart rhythm, something that could cause problems in the future.

This is not the first (and possibly not the last) time that the Apple Watch helps diagnose problems or save the lives of its users by calling the emergency, as there are already several reports spread over the internet of people praising the watch.


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