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Apple to invest $ 1 billion to build new campus in Austin, Texas

Earlier this year, Apple made a big announcement about billionaire investments in the United States over the next five years, including the construction of a new campus in the country. After so much speculation about where Ma's next house would be built, today the company has finally released official information on the matter.

Apple disclosed that investing $ 1 billion in expanding its operations in Austin, in the American state of Texas, including the construction of a new campus. The company's new facility will have 538 thousand square meters and initially accommodate 5,000 Ma employees the total capacity of the campus, however, will be 15 thousand people.

Work on the new campus will include a variety of functions, such as engineering, research and development, operations, finance, sales and customer support. Currently, Ma has 6,200 employees in Austin, which already represents the largest number of Apple workers outside Cupertino making Apple the largest private employer in the Texas city.

The company's new location will include 202,000 square meters of preserved open space and, like the rest of Apple's facilities worldwide, will run 100% on renewable energy.

Apple CEO Tim Cook commented on the expansion of operations in Austin and the new hires:

Apple is proud to bring new investments, jobs and opportunities to U.S. cities and significantly deepen our 25-year partnership with the city and people of Austin. Tomorrow's talent, creativity and innovative ideas are not limited by region or postal code, and with this new expansion, we are redoubling our commitment to cultivating the high-tech sector and the workforce across the country.

90 thousand employees hired in the USA

In addition to the (gigantic) expansion in Austin, Apple also announced plans to open hundreds of job openings in cities like Seattle (Washington), San Diego and Culver City (California), and expand its activities in other major cities for the company, such as Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Bolder (Colorado), Boston (Massachusetts), Portland (Oregon) and New York for the next three years.

In 2018, Ma hired 6,000 new employees in the country and now employs 90,000 people directly in all 50 states. As announced in January, the company should employ 20 thousand new people by 2023.

Indirectly, the Cupertino giant is responsible for creating and supporting more than 2 million jobs in the USA, including 9,000 workers from supplier and manufacturer partners. Ma's online ecosystem, including the App Store, guarantees the employment of 1.5 million people, driving this growth to Alaska.

New Apple Music office in Nashville

As part of its expansion plans, Ma also today announced a new office for the Apple Music in Nashville (Tennessee). As the Nashville Post, the company acquired a space in the May Hosiery Co-op complex, capable of accommodating around 30 employees.

Last May, we commented that Apple was organizing a new team led by company veteran Jay Liepis to make up Ma's Nashville office. Apparently, the deals went as expected and the company is already taking the next steps to invest in the scenario. country of the region.

In addition to the construction of the new office, Ma is also expanding its administrative environment in Miami. According to the company, the site will have twice as much space after the renovations.

Expansion of data centers

We also disclose that Apple plans to invest $ 10 billion in building data centers in the next five years. Ma has now informed that of this amount, approximately US $ 4.5 billion will be invested this year and the next.

Apple Data Center in Reno, NevadaApple's data center in Reno, Nevada, one of several in the U.S. that the company will expand over the next five years

In Waukee (Iowa), preparations are underway for the construction of the newest data center of the company in the USA. In addition, Ma's facilities in the American states of North Carolina, Arizona and Nevada are currently being expanded.

via Axios