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2019 iPhones could bring new OLED screen with built-in touch sensor

The iPhones of 2018 have barely arrived and are already causing controversy due to their supposed failures among consumers. Therefore, nothing better than starting the infamous rumors machine for the iPhones of 2019, really?

Preliminary information about future devices has already appeared here and there, but today the site ETNews brought a very specific speculation (Google Translate) about smartphones: apparently, Apple can adopt in them or in some of them, at least a new technology of flexible OLED panels that would integrate the touch sensor on them.

Today, iPhones panels (and basically all touch screens available on the market) register our touches on a separate layer, called digitizer. This new technology, developed by no one less than Samsung and named Y-Octa, would allow the elimination of that extra component and, with that, would help in the construction of a slightly thinner and lighter iPhone.

As the technology is still in the preliminary stages of production, it is possible that there is not enough pace to supply all iPhones in 2019; therefore, the report speculates that it would be reserved only for the most expensive device of next year, before reaching the entire line in the following years.

Apparently, the maneuver was an idea from Samsung itself, which introduced the technology to Apple in March to ensure the continuation of its contract for the supply of screens with Ma no one would, after all, stop offering panels for one of the most popular devices of the world.

via 9to5Mac