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Videos, photos and some extras about the new Mac Pro

As you already know, Apple finally started selling the brand new Mac Pro last Thursday, December 19th.

Mac Pro front and up

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Below, we've compiled some cool videos, photos and extras about Apple's new professional machine.

Video of unboxing


Quick hands-on

The guys from The Verge put the Mac Pro to roll!

J a CNET shows a little of the machine's insides:

Trash cone

Jonathan Hirz liked the joke so much that the new Mac Pro looks like a trash can that actually customized the OS X Trash with the cylinder:

Mac Pro in Trash

Those who like it can download the cone here.

Old vs. Old new

This photo is great:

Old Mac Pro vs. new

You can get a good sense of what Apple meant when it said that the new Mac Pro has 1/8 the volume of the old one.

(via @DanFrakes)

Not as black as it looks

Although official Apple images give this impression, the new Mac Pro is not as black as it looks. Depending on the ambient brightness, its surface reflects so much light that it can even appear silver.

See this photo of Macworld UK, for example:

Mac Pro with silver look

In general, the comments are that the chassis looks much more like the ?space gray? of iGadgets than with "Black piano" from Apple TV.

Fire test with Final Cut Pro X

The guys on the site opened a project in 4K resolution in the newly released Final Cut Pro X 10.1, running on the new Mac Pro, added 18 (!) layered effects and the machine still continued to play the video in real time, without any loss of frames.

Be careful not to drool:

Support articles

Apple has already published several support articles on the new Mac Pro on its website, including: external resources, ports and connectors, audio ports, using multiple monitors, installing and / or exchanging memory, installing and / or exchanging the flash drive and how to find the serial number.

Dream Configuration

A lot of people I even love playing with configuring the dream machine through the Apple Online Store. With the launch of the new Mac Pro, we can?t stop doing this experiment.

Here in Brazil, the top-of-the-line standard version of the new Mac Pro costs R $ 17,499. But d to customize it with a processor 12-core 2.7 GHz with 30MB of L3 cache, 64GB of 1.866MHz DDR3 ECC RAM, 1TB of flash storage with PCIe, two AMD FirePro D700 GPUs with 6GB of VRAM GDDR5 each, an Apple Thunderbolt Display, an Apple Magic Mouse, an Apple wireless keyboard and the AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac Pro. With that, we reached a final price of R $ 48,975.

In the United States, the game goes even further (but still much more affordable): l started at $ 3,999, but instead of an Apple Thunderbolt Display we can add a Sharp 32 ? PN-K321 – 4K Ultra HD LED monitor . With that, we reached a trifle of US $ 13,581 (about R $ 32,400).

Mac Pro of Dreams

The worst: you pay for all this now and only receive the machine in February.