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Video calls are now available to Instagram users

Okay, that was quite an odyssey!

After a few months of living just like a rumor and weeks after its official announcement, the video calls finally are really arriving at Instagram. If you update your app, you can enjoy them right now!

Instagram news

The new feature of the network as we said, a competitor at the height of figures such as FaceTime or Skype is accessible on Direct, touching the camera icon in the upper left corner.

Video calls work in pairs or groups of up to four people; they can even be minimized so that you can continue using the app while chatting with friends.

Instagram news

The latest Instagram update also brings the other news announced for the network at the F8 conference, on Facebook namely, the renewal of the ?Explore? tab (with more social content) and new effects on the camera of Stories (with augmented reality features based on artists and brands, like Ariana Grande and NBA).

Instagram news

Instagram can be downloaded (or updated) for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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via MacRumors