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Users complain about white dots appearing on “old” iPad Pro screens

As if a few brand new iPad Pro's were shipped with the cases slightly bent (and Apple says this is ?normal?), some owners of the previous generation of the tablet are also commenting on a problem that, while not involving any bending, also bothers users.

Readers MacRumors published on the website's discussion forum that some units of the 10.5 and 12.9 inch Pro iPads, originally launched in 2017, a bright white dot is displayed on the screen just above the Home button, seen more intensely on light backgrounds.

The initial publication was made in April this year, and since then dozens of users have stated that they are facing the same problem. According to most reports, the infamous white dot appears after some time of using the iPad; in some cases (mainly among those who have the gadget longer), the screen even has more than one bright spot.

Mine was purchased on the day of the launch and I have three points now. They are super perceptible. Apple must take responsibility and replace these screens. The screen is the main part of an iPad.

Reports come from various regions of the world, including Australia, the United States, France and the United Kingdom. O MacRumors proved the problem with a 10.5 ? iPad Pro, which features the bright spot on the screen. The photo below, shared by an American user, shows a 10.5 ? iPad Pro exposed in the Apple Store also with the defect.

iPad Pro exposed in the Apple StoreiPad Pro 10.5 ? displayed in the Apple Store in the USA has a bright white dot on the screen.

In some places, Ma's employees are already aware of the problem; in others, no. IPad Pro owners who are still covered by the one-year warranty or have AppleCare + have had their devices replaced, of course; those who are no longer covered by the limited warranty have not had the same ?luck?.

Do you own a 2017 iPad Pro with a similar problem? If so, tell us below!